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Photo Restoration

Many of us have photos of special people, friends, or relatives, places, pets or occasions that will always have a place in our hearts. Many times there is only one picture of a family member, or only one picture at a certain age. Unfortunately, because these images are on paper or canvas, they are vulnerable to the ravages of time, water, UV light, stains, fading, creases, folds, tears, scotch tape, dirt, tobacco smoke, mold, and other contaminants.

By converting your precious images to a digital format, without damaging your original, much, and sometimes all of the original image can be restored. Faded colors may become vibrant again. The creases, stains, scratches and tears can be repaired. Of course, the quality of the restoration depends on the state of the original, but you might be quite pleasantly surprised at the results.

And because the image is now digital, additional copies can be made.

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Oil Restoration
Our European trained museum conservator has a great deal of experience in restoring damaged oil paintings to their original splendor. Torn canvas, and environmental damage no longer necessarily mean that your oil painting is worthless. Contact us if you have an interest.

Photo retouching and photo enhancement services

Do you have that almost perfect photo … except for the lamp post growing out of Dad’s shoulder as they dance on the deck for their 40th anniversary cruise … or a certain someone who doesn’t really belong in your wedding photo . . . or distractions in the background that take away from the real memories?

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