Shadowbox framing is used for 3-D items such as the baby dress above, as well as Sports Jerseys, military medals, or almost anything you would like to display
Pre-Made Frames
We carry both manufactured, and our own unique frames, cut from our vast stock of custom mouldings. Our customers have an expanded choice of ready to go items.
Ready to Hang Artwork
We sell framed and finished artwork, including photos, watercolors, florals, landscapes, Egyptian papyrus, Asian, and other ethnic art, and more

Custom Framing
Nothing completes a room like custom framed artwork. From understated elegance, to the simply sublime, we have an array of thousands of choices to fit your needs.Whether your favorite piece of art work is an oil painting, a print, photographs, a sports jersey, or objects for a shadowbox, we have the experience of more than 40 years, to enhance any object you wish to display. That treasured photo, wedding invitation, or favorite print, with your choice of matting, UV glass, and a custom designed frame, becomes a focal point in your home.We offer one on one, courteous and professional service, in designing your frames.Protect your artwork with acid free matting, and UV protection glass.Take it up a notch with Museum Glass that almost looks like it isn’t there, along with conservation grade UV protection.

Pre-Made Frames
We carry a large number of pre-made frames in an assortment of sizes and shapes, Whether your preference is wood, metallic, simple, or ornate, we have frames ready to hang on the wall, or with an easel back, sit on a table or mantle. In addition to pre-made frames, we carry an array of unique frames cut from our vast stock of custom mouldings, at a discount to their actual value. This provides our customers with an expanded choice of ready to go items.

Ready To Hang Artwork
During our many years in business, we have accumulated a collection of framed and finished artwork. Offerings include old photos and magazine plates, watercolors, florals, landscapes, Egyptian Papyrus, Asian and other ethnic art. Come in and browse our gallery.

Prints and Posters
We have a large selection of prints and posters, many of which are at a significant discount, or even free with purchase of a frame.